Our way of working

We like to keep things simple. So you know exactly what to expect from us.


How Verzekervastgoed.nl Operates

1. Offer request
After we have received your offer request, our works starts. Within 36 hours, we will email you customised offers within one working day.

Do you have any questions about the offer request or are you not sure if an absence insurance is right for your business? Our consultants can take care of the entire process for you as well if you already have an insurance and want to switch. We are happy to look into the options you can choose. Call one of our consultants on: +31(0)53 4780 455.

2. Advice
After two working days, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss the offers. This way, we keep everything simple and clear. We will discuss the various options, give you a clear explanation and present our advice.

3. Take out an insurance
Do you agree with the offer? In that case we will send you a link to fill out the most recent data so we can draw up the policy.

4. Management
Once you have taken out an insurance, our consultants are always ready for you! Our insurance management is proactive and each year we will check if your insurances still match your situation. On the basis of data we will alzo check whether your premium is still in line with market conditions.

Customers rate our company on average with an 8.4

8.5 / 10

How is a claim handled?

Dealing with a claim is already unpleasant enough. When you're insured with us, you can report the claim, and we will handle it for you. This saves you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

1. Reporting the Claim 

Minimize the claim as much as possible and contact us as soon as you can. This way, we can immediately guide you through the necessary steps and advise you on what to do or not to do to prevent furtherissues. Always consult with one of our advisors before incurring any costs for repairing the claim.

We would appreciate receiving:

  • The cause of the claim
  • Extent of the claim and, if available, the repair quote and repair invoice
  • Photos
  • Completed claim report form

If the claim is caused by neglect, such as a leak due to poor caulking and sealing, unfortunately, the insurer will not cover it. This is because it does not involve an unforeseen sudden event.

2. We Get to Work for You Once

We have received this information from you, we can start processing the claim. We liaise with the insurer and monitor how they settle the claim. Thanks to our years of experience and in-house claims handlers, you always receive what you're entitled to. Quite reassuring, isn't it? Calculate your premium without obligation"

Why choose Verzekervastgoed.nl?

We believe that insurance doesn't have to be expensive and strive to ensure that every property owner can secure good insurance at a fair premium. We deliver quality by working closely with you, crafting long-term solutions. Our advisors are ready to personally discuss the quote with you and provide tailored advice.

  • Receive multiple quotes within 36 hours.
  • We personally review the quotes for custom advice.
  • Our relations save on 20% on their premiums per year.